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We are a New Local Tahoe Company that was created to provide a Stress-Free Environment, Devine Chef Prepared Local Meals, Rental Home Cleaning and Grocery Delivery!!! A Multitude of Professional Services all right here In Tahoe. My Absolute Love for Cooking, Local Ingredients, Entertaining and Mixology Definitely gave me the jump start to create this company. However it was the demand that really formed all of what we do here at Tahoe Zephyr Living. Are you planning a Vacation to Tahoe and don’t want to spend half of it at the grocery store Just to feed your family for the night? Let the Professional staff at Tahoe Zephyr Living Do What We Love To Do and Create an Amazing Ambience for You and Your Family. Or are you a Home Owner live locally and looking for a company to manage your Properties Rental cleaning needs? Keep in mind we also offer Private Chef/Mixology & Grocery Delivery Services. We are the company you have been looking for!!! Let Us Make Your Vacation A Breeze!!! Our goal is to make your stay stress-free and enjoyable while providing the following services: -Vacation Home Detail & Clean - Personal Chef and or Mixologist Service -Custom Grocery Delivery Stocked Before You Arrive...Or Upon Arrival At Request. Let us ease your way into an Epic Tahoe Vacation... While our professional team does all the work for you while you're enjoying your stay in Majestic Tahoe. Please contact us at any and all questions. all services upon request and we're always open for new and exciting ideas! (530) 377-0686

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